Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Sykes Group offers counseling for individuals who are struggling with Drug and Alcohol abuse and addictions. Whether you are at the beginning of the process and realizing you need help, were just released from an inpatient, outpatient or PHP program, or have been in sobriety for any period of time, we have experienced counselors to help you through the process.

Having someone in your life that is abusing or addicted to alcohol and/or drugs can be an overwhelming process.Our counselors can also help family members and significant others cope with a loved one who is experiencing drug/alcohol abuse and addictions.


Help is only a phone call away, Call the Sykes Group at
(815) 823-8460 to schedule an appointment.

While beginning counseling is a major step, it is a sign of strength. Today many individuals, couples and families are entering counseling to improve their quality of life.




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