Employee Assistance Program

EAP's or (Employee Assistance Program) is a program set up to provide counseling services at no cost to to a client. EAP's can be available to you through your insurance company, the company you or a family member works for or they can also be available through a group or other assistance program in your area.

The first step is obtaining authorization with the company that will be providing the EAP's and then contacting us to set up the appointment. Every EAP company has different billing procedures, but it is important to mention that the only time information about your therapy is given out is when it is employer mandated. Even in those situations, the information exchanged can be limited.

At your first visit you can expect to fill out our new client information packet as well as any information that the EAP company would like to have on file.

The following is a list of some of the EAP providers we have worked with:

Aetna EAP's
Anthem BCBS EAP's
Cascade EAP's
Cigna EAP's
Compsych EAP's
Cadence Health
Frank Horton
Magellan EAP's
Metroplitan Family Services
Network Advantage
UBH-United Behavioral Health EAP's
Value Options EAP's


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