Helping Anxiety and Depression symptoms with Exercise!

Exercise helps anxiety and depressionHave you ever had the feeling that you thought your heart may pound right out of your chest? Started worrying so much about something that you felt sick to your stomach? Did not want to get out of bed and just cry all day?

These are just some of the things that people feel when experiencing anxiety and depression. Some people may have had these feelings come and go and others live every day with these thoughts and symptoms. There are many things that can help alleviate these concerns and exercise is one of them. Any form of exercise will help alleviate some of these symptoms and for those that do not typically exercise, it is best to start off slow and gradual then work yourself up to longer and more intense exercises. Doing any exercise that is appealing to you will get you started; walking, hiking, swimming or playing basketball or tennis with a family member or friend are just a few ideas.

If you are finding it difficult to get up and get moving, we have several therapists that understand and support the benefits of mental health and exercise. Call today and get set up to meet one of our therapists to discuss ways to help you get moving!

For more information about the benefits of decreasing signs of anxiety and depression read more at ADAA-Anxiety and Depression Association of America.


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